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Monkey和牙医 January 1, 2006

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today, i am going to the dentist. i’d sure be glad if you would come with me. . . please

i am not afraid of the dentist. he’s really very nice.

i just thought that you would enjoy visiting my dentist as a guest.

here’s the front door. let’s just go in, shall we?

first, i sign in at the front desk. then i find a nice chair to relax in.

i like looking at the pictures and reading the articles

i like playing the game where you find the different objects in the picture. i think i see a dentist drill in this one.

another thing i like about this magazine is that it is big enough for me to hide behind.

ssssshhhhh…. if they don’t see me, maybe i won’t have to go in to see the dentist.

oh! look it’s my friend sharon! she works with the dentist. she’s nice and she says it’s time for me to come back.


right this way. i’ll show you around as we go back to the comfy chair where i sit when the dentist looks at my teeth.


c’mon. this is the dentists room. it’s attractive and painted a soothing color.

first my teeth have special picture taken. smile!

while my pictures are being developed i am introduced to some of the staff.

and i adjust the lights so the dentist can see real good. you know it’s important to have good lighting when reading or doing dentistry.

wow! he has all the nifty tooth equipment in clean little individual packets – just like restaurant catsup!

look! my pictures are ready! hmm… what do you think? they look good to me.

this nice lady said that i could watch the doctor give her a new crown! she must be a queen or a princess, ’cause only royalty get to wear crowns.

i was a little disappointed when i saw that the crown she was getting was for her tooth and not for her head.

look at how he polishes it until it’s a nice and shiny and then puts it gently on her tooth. i think it’s real pretty.

i am ready for dr. clark to check out my teeth now. he promised no drilling and no pain.

you can go back to the waiting room now. this is kind of personal stuff. but, don’t go to far, ok? just in case i need to talk to you or hold your hand. ok?

i’m all done! it didn’t hurt at all! dr. kevin, as i like to call him, said my teeth are healthy and let me help him put notes in my chart.

i wrote: nice teeth, good smile and may have all the sweet treats he wishes as long as he brushes afterwards.

dr. kevin tweaked me on the ear , called me a silly monkey and said that i can come back in 6 months. I can’t wait!


希腊??字 January 1, 2006

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Bootleg copy of 2006 Hooters calendar January 1, 2006

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哈利•波特击败布什?膺?客王 January 1, 2006

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Sania Mirza December 28, 2005

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India’s top tennis player Sania Mirza serves during her mix-doubles exhibition match against former Wimbledon champion Richard Krajicek and Michaella Krajicek (not pictured) of The Netherlands in New Delhi December 4, 2005. REUTERS/Adnan Abidi

拉登的侄女 December 28, 2005

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And Blog Stats December 26, 2005

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